Spotify on car radio with android - move cache/data to radio

Spotify on car radio with android - move cache/data to radio




I recently bought a new car radio running on Android (jelly bean to be precise), works like a charm and spotify runs good too.

Theoretically I can also download offline playlists, only issue is that thios has to be done either with wifi... and short of parking my car through my frontwindow, wifi range and strentgh prohibits me from this.


Other option is offline downloading through myh smartphone, but that would kill my datalimit....


What I'm getting at is, is there any tried and true way to offline sync on one device And transfer the data/cache what have you to my sdcard to use in my car?


I've rad someone allready tried to copy the com.spotify directory, but this didn't work.

Any suggestions would be awesome!

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Unfortunately that is not possible as each cache is encrypted to only work with the specific device the download was completed on.

If your WiFi does not reach your car you could try using a range extender to see if you can boost your WiFi range.

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