Spotify pausing after a random interval

Spotify pausing after a random interval


I'm using 3 devices for my spotify, a computer, an ipod(for gym) and my phone (One Plus One). Whenever i play music on my phone it pauses the music after an x amount of listening (normally 10 to 40 seconds). I downloaded the playlist offline, disabled wifi and 3g and it still occurs (noone else is doing something on my account). I've tried changing the volume, restarting the device but nothing helped this issue. This usually din't happen but since last week I'm entirely unable to listen to music thanks to this issue. I do not have this issue on my ipod, and that's why I think something is off. Could anyone help?

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Do you have any of the power saving modes enabled in android settings>battery?  If so, see what happens if you turn them off.

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