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Spotify play Song deleted from a playlist

Spotify play Song deleted from a playlist

I deleted some Song from a playlist, but some day after i played again that playlist and Spotify starts play a Song which i deleted some day ago from the playlist. I Also check for delete again that Song from the playlist but this Song is not in my playlist since the day i deleted it. It happened with every other Song i deleted from my playlist.






Xiaomi Redmi5

Operating System

Android 7.1.2


My Question or Issue

 How is It possible Spotify plays deleted Song from playlist during the play?

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If you are using free subscription, it's possible that the song you've deleted is being played becouse Spotify adds random songs to short playlists. But if that isnt the case, then would you describe more about your issue.

I know what you mean by telling me the fact of short playlist and suggested song added on it but from the day i deleted these songs from my playlist It never happened Spotify Plays these Song anymore (It passed almost 3 days), but today It plays these songs, i checked to see if playlist wasn't updated (like if some gone wrong while i deleted these songs) but It is updated correctly.

Have you tried reinstalling Spotify or logging out and in? 

I disintalled and reinstalled the app and this error vanish but i can't Image Spotify free version has Moore bugs then premium account. It's not how Spotify should work and i Hope programmers can solve this issue as fast as they can.

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