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Spotify playlists wont show up on phone

Spotify playlists wont show up on phone

Hello! Since a few weeks back, my playlists have completely disappeared from my phone. And the only place to find them is on my computer, meaning they wont show up if I log on to another computer either. I believe it may have something to do with DU Battery Saver and the DU speed booster. Which are two android apps I downloaded to prolong my battery life. The problem was though that the battery saver disables and enables some important stuff on your phone to save battery and the speed booster deleted cache that werent supposed to be deleted, for example all my playlist cache on the phone. I thought this problem would be solved if I uninstalled the DU-apps. But the problem remained the same. I reinstalled the spotify apps on both my computer and phone and yet no result. PLEASE help me fix this as I'm going on a journey this wednesday(June 25) and would love if I got spotify to work properly by that time. I'm sending you a picture of my playlist page from my phone and my computer.

Thanks in advance!

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