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Spotify (premium) cannot connect via WiFi

Spotify (premium) cannot connect via WiFi

Plan: Premium (Duo)

Country: Denmark

Device: Xiaomi Mi 9

Operating System: MIUI Global 12.5.1 Stable


My Question or Issue

Spotify app cannot connect to devices via WiFi. Possible to choose device to connect to, but does gets hung trying to until time out. This happens with both Bluesound and Audio Pro devices.


On rare occasions, connection is actually established, but here use is somewhat (and inconsistently) restricted: upon choosing an artist, it is not possible to choose a track from the list. Here it is only possible to play tracks by pressing the green play button. Meanwhile, navigating to an album or playlist, it is again possible to choose tracks from the list.


Here, perhaps it is worth reminding that successful establishment of a connection via WiFi is rare. All the while Bluetooth works just fine.


Further, I can tell that I have restarted all devices and checked for updates. Also, I have reinstalled the Spotify app. But the experienced problems persist.


Hope you can help.



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I am having the same issue on Samsung S21, Android 12.

Hi! I am having the same problems. I can't connect spotify to my speakers bluesound node via wifi. I have restarted all the programs and checked for updates. I logged out spotify from all devices by the spotify web page. Nothing seems to help. What should I do next?


Thanks in advance


Hi folks!


Other users have also experienced similar issues with their WiFI devices here - feel free to try out some of the suggestions that have been posted in the thread. Something that seems to help in most cases is disabling your device's (or router's) DHCP and changing the DNS to one of Google's public DNS servers: or


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