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Spotify premium stops randomly

Spotify premium stops randomly

While listening to a playlist, Spotify stops playing the songs after 3-5 Songs. The time bar still runs but no sound is audible. Hitting the play button (pause/play) restarts the song as well as skipping forward/backwards.


This occurs with various playlists and different songs, which all are available.


I did log out all devices, reinstalled the app, logged in again and had the same issue again.

The network connection is fine, there are no firewalls or any other security measures, no SD card, no offline songs.


I use Spotify on a Samsung Tablet GT-P5100, Android Version 4.2.2, Spotify Version with a Premium account.


Interestingly, if I use my mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Android Version 5.1.1) all works well.


Thanks for any helpful idea how to solve this issue.



4 Replies

Hi there!

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble!! When you installed, did you try a clean reinstallation of the application? Give this a shot and let us know if it works. Cheers!

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Hi - Thanks for your advice - I did do a clean reinstallation of the app. I even deleted the playlists (unfollowed them) and tried out some new ones - no success so far. Is it possible, that my Android Version is the issue?

The is currently an issue raised for this ad several users (myself included) have noticed sound stops or tracks pause by themselves, fingers crossed for an update soon.

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What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?
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This is definitely back, and the crossfade trick no longer works.

Come on Spotify. I use your service for like 5h a day. Do you have any idea how irritating it is to have the music stop every song or so? Please fix

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