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Spotify randomly autoplay

Spotify randomly autoplay

Hi all,

I have been experiencing this very annoying issue lately with Spotify. The application randomly starts playing a song when the phone is inactive. This has started happening for the last month or so and it occurs unexpectedly in random situations. Usually the phone is in my pocket (so it might be that the play button on the sleep screen is pressed accidentally), when I finish a phonecall (without listening to spotify before the phonecall), when I remove the headphones (without listening to spotify) etc. The worst and most inexplicable, however, is that it happens sometimes in the middle of the night and it wakes me up with a start!


I have put autoplay to off and I have removed all push notifications but the problem persists. My phone is a Galaxy S8+ and the app is v. armV7

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Hey @Sergios_7!


Do you get a notification saying that your account is being used on another device when this happens? 


If so, try logging in here and using the Sign Out Everywhere button. 


If the issue persists after that, feel free to give us a shout.

Hi. My account is always logged in on my home PC and on my Android phone, and it also logs in from my work PC when I'm at work. However no other person interacts with these devices and I don't want to log out from them because I'm using them all depending on the time of the day. Also, as I mentioned, several of the problems have arisen in the middle of the night. I have however to notice that it's now been about a week without any incident, without any obvious change on my part. 

Is spotify open in the background when this happens? I believe this is usually due to spotify noticing an event that would cause it to pause and then resume music.


Usually I've had this happen if someone calls me for a second, which normally would pause spotify so the song doesnt interefere with the ringer. When the person hangs up and the call goes away spotify will automatically resume a song. If you have it paused already then the only part you notice is the song playing.

This happens most often from calls for me, but certain app's push notifications also seem to trigger it. If you force close out of spotify it should fix this issue

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