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Spotify randomly autoplays

Spotify randomly autoplays



I'm using Spotify free on an Android phone. Since Saturday 5th July, Spotify starts up ar random times. It's happened in the middle of the night which I find most annoying, but it's also happened in work, and it starts up quite loudly and is difficult to shut it up as there's no 'mini-player' in the notifications area or on the lock screen which there normally is when I've turned it on myself. I've had to delete it because I there's no way I can stop it going off in the middle of the night. Turning my phone off at night isn't an option. Turning the sound down doesn't work, it overrides my sound settings and plays it loud! I can't remember the exact date of the latest update, but I do think it's connected as it was definitely very close to when the problem started.


I've checked the settings and there's no option to disable auto-play.

I've deleted all recent apps, so it's not in the background.


It was suggested by the Spotify team on the Android Play Store to post the details here.



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I have a nexus 5 with android 4.4.4, with the spotify app version


Since i think two weeks ago, the app plays on speaker a suggested song. This is despite my entire phone is on a silent profile and the spotify app is not in use.  So far from the songs are all from the artist Benjamin Herman. 


Needless to say it is quite inconvinient. 


Does anybody have the same problem?



Is someone else using your account when this happens?

Should not be the case. I don't share my account. 

I suggest you change your password and log out all devices here to rule out that possibility. It sounds like Connect is causing this. Do you use Connect at all?

Similar issues as the OP.  I've had my phone start playing in the middle of the night.  Using a task manager to kill Spotify and restart seems to have fixed the issue, for now.  Usually its a song from my playlist but sometimes a similar artist/song -- I'm guessing these are the 'suggested' tracks from Spotify.


I say "fixed for now"  because I notice an odd behavior with the app.  If Spotify is paused and I leave it alone for an extended period and then look at the app status....  It still shows as paused, but it has moved to a different song on the list and shows partially played.  Although in this scenario it did not actually play any audio from the phone itself.


I doubt my account is compromised.  Its a free account (so why hack it?)  and even if it were, the hacker apparently likes my 4am!


I am not sure what "connect" is, but I do use a bluetooth link from my phone to play Spotify on occassion.  This is the native andoid phone feature though -- not something I am activiting with the Spotify app.

Hi. This is the third post I've seen in the last week regarding this so maybe there's something strange going on. Could you try reinstalling spotify and. if it happens again, please shout.

Ok I'll do that. But if I'm woken up again I'll be as cross, Joe! 🙂


I'll report back tomorrow (or sooner if it happens before night time.)



It won't be bluetooth. I'm starting to think there may be a bug surfacing here. Could you try reinstalling spotify and post here if it happens again, thanks.

Thanks for the tips.


What J3G says, hacking a free account seems kinda pointless. Nevertheless I changed my password, just to be sure and uninstalled the app.


Let's hope this does the trick.



I'll try that and report back if issue reoccurs.  Thanks



I have been having the same issues with my phone except it's been going on since the last few days of June.  It happens at random times throughout the day especially when I'm at work, and yes the volume is extremely loud.  I have looked as well for an option to stop the autoplay, but couldn't find anything.  I'm hoping to find either a solution to correct it or they will fix it so I don't have to remove the app from my phone. 



I'm going to escalate this to the spotify staff.

Hey @esvh89 , @J3G  I'm seeing more reports of this so I'm going to escalate to spotify. Meanwhile we have two threads and I'm going to merge this into the other one.

Hi Joe,


Just to say that I didn't have the autoplay issue during the night after a un/re-install.


Having said that, there was an update to the app yesterday evening so hopefully it was to solve this problem.



I've had the same issue: seconds after I turn my phone on, spotify starts playing. Since I was alone at home I was puzzled to say the least.


My phone is a Moto G, bluetooth and wifi were disabled.

Same issue here on Droid Maxx 4.4 and 4.4.4. It kicked off hourly at some points, randomly at others, and when I disconnected from wifi once. It doesn't seem to be related to any automated tasks. Also tried clearing all data, and reinstalling. My only option right now is to sign in when I want to use the service and then sign out again.

Hey guys. As a first step in troubleshooting this, please perform a clean installation of spotify following the steps here.


If spotify starts playing on its own, it would help if you could suggest anything which may have triggered it. For example, did you receive a push notification about a new album or follower, was the app open at the time, were you doing anything in spotify on another device or anything else you can think of. I have escalated this to spotify but I suspect it's not going to be easy to pin this down so any information you can give will be great.

I've tried clearing the cache and uninstalled the app already. There's no \android\data\com.spotify.* directories on the filesystem once I do that, and there's no external SD card on the Moto line. Nothing triggers the random playing, I've been sitting in my seat at work and it starts playing music from my pocket at full volume. I know intermittent issues are hard to troubleshoot, but I had hoped to hear back in the week since I opened a support ticket. If there's a way to get logs or other debug info from the application, I bet that could help.

I have been having the same issue. I use a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and I have a free Spotify account.
I have this problem since last week if I'm correct. I uninstalled it for the moment as it starts playing ongoing playists at random hours (at work or in the middle of the night). I use Spotify to play playlists in shuffle mode and the suggestion mode is always on.

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