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Spotify randomly pauses and resumes on its own.

Spotify randomly pauses and resumes on its own.






Samsung Galaxy Note9

Operating System

Android Pie


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I recently (last 3-4 days) started having a problem where while listening to Spotify the music will randomly pause and if left for about 30-45 seconds it will resume playing on its own.  I can also press the play button and it will resume immediately.  I have read many of the articles about randomly pausing and performed the following:

  • Uninstalled and re-installed the application
  • Used the sign-out of everywhere and relogged in
  • Checked battery optimization settings
    • Spotify is not in the sleeping apps
    • Spotify is disabled for battery optimization

I have checked my connection and connection speed at the time of the pause and this seems to not be factor.  Nothing seems to be fixing the issue.

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Just recently downloaded a playlist and put Spotify in offline mode to see if this was a connection or buffering issue. The issue occurred while in offline.

Continuing to try to narrow this down and I am stumped.  Factory reset my phone and did NOT restore anything from backup.  Spotify is still randomly pausing and resuming on its own. 

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