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Spotify randomly pauses


Spotify randomly pauses

I have recently started to live problem with Spotify on my Samsung Note 5 (SM-N920C). I have Android 7.0 version on my phone.

The problem is that the music pauses randomly regardless of my phone is connected to my car's system on Bluetooth or not. I have tried to understand if the music pauses in certain intervals or not. No, it pauses randomly, then I have to replay again and after a while it pauses again and so on.
Despite I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify and tried several other things recommended in Spotify forum without success.
I will appreciate if you could come back with a permanent solution for my problem.

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If you share what else you have tried, it will avoid suggesting solutions which haven't worked for you. Have you tried the suggestions in this post by the way?

I've having kinda the same problem, the app stops and closes randomly, I tried the same, unstalling and reinstalling the app. The app fails if I'm not in a WiFi,but the funny thing is that I've been using the app in two differents devices, a note 4 whit Android 6.2 and a samsung S4 on Android 4.4.
Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,

I have tried the followings;

- I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify

- I have uninstalled many applications in order to decrease RAM and
memory usage in my phone

- I have uninstalled battery saving application which forces some
applications (maybe Spotify too) to stop

- I have checked my phone's power settings. It is not set to force
applications running in the background to stop

Despite the above attempts unfortunately I could not solve the problem. What
puzzles me is that I used to use Spotify without any single issue for a long
time and all of the sudden I have started to live this problem.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.

It could be the android doze feature. To fix this;

  • Settings>device manager
  • Battery
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap "Unmonitored apps"
  • If Spotify isn't listed, tap "Add apps" and add spotify.


Found the error, some battery saving app was closing the app. Us working
just fine now.
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Hola quiero usar premium pero tengo tarjeta devito y no puedo pagar que ago

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