Spotify randomly plays when phone is locked

Spotify randomly plays when phone is locked



For the last month or so I've been having an issue whereby when my phone is locked, Spotify will randomly start playing. It's usually a song on my starred list, or the last one I was listening to.


Usually the song will begin playing when I push the power button as the first step of unlocking the phone, but ocassionally this will happen just when the phone is picked up (and thus the screen wakes up).


I have a OnePlus One, on Android 5.1.1.


Killing the app seems to make this happen less regularly, but it still happens. The phone will do this when set to silent. It's happened a couple of times at work now and it is reaching the stage where I am considering uninstalling the app, as it is clearly not appropriate for a profesional environment if my phone consistently starts playing music with no way to stop it.


I'd be grateful if anyone can shed some light as to how to fix this?





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