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Spotify's intern storage usage is getting out of hand

Spotify's intern storage usage is getting out of hand

Hello, I'm a samsun galaxy s5 mini user and am having huge troubles with spotify's internal storage usage even when i have my offline songs stored on SD card. I listen to music a lot and as you can see in the pics, I have so little ibternal storage left due to spotify that i cant even update apps anymore.... help please.

6 Replies

still not solved

Are you sure you're not downloading video and not realize it? Honestly, I'd try reformatting your card, and redownload your Spotify music.

its ppretty clear ftom the image i posted that its spotify taking up space

That's not the question I asked. I asked you if you're sure you're not unknowingly downloading podcasts, or any other type of video that may have been included in playlists. Second, Spotify is only reading what storage you have left, that doesn't prove it's Spotify. In any event, obviously your storage contains unwanted files, therefore, it still needs to get cleaned out and music redownloaded.

Exact same issue .nothing downloaded on Spotify but it's using over 3gb. Cleared data and signed in again, but within a few weeks back to over 1gb .what is this data, it's not cache that usually less than 150mb. Spotify taking up so much space struggling to update other apps.

Same issue for me

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