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Spotify search only showing podcasts and weird results

Spotify search only showing podcasts and weird results

Since this morning, the spotify search is only showing podcasts and random profiles. See attachments.

Already tried logging out and in and clearing cache 

I'm on Android 13 and spotify premium

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The exact same thing is happening to me and I’m on iPhone 11. I even tried restarting my phone to see if it would work but it’s still the same. I would recommend not deleting ur app and downloading it again bc I saw and other person say it messed up where they couldn’t play playlists either. But he’s it’s the same for me in my search and for when I want to add songs to my playlists. Please let me know if u forgive it outtt!! 

It works now haha. I legit did not do anything, it just fixed itself (only like 2 hours later)

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