Spotify should have sdcard transfer


Spotify should have sdcard transfer


I have a playlist that has 1700song and i have premium but i can't use it offline because there isn't an option to transfer the data from external storage to sd card.

I tried to full my external storage and re-install spotify but it didn't work out somehow.

I wish spotify developers see this message make some new feature about it

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Re: Spotify should have sdcard transfer


Can you provide some further details? What device and what version of Android?


Also, you state "external" storage. External to what? (Are you refering to the memory in your device, or on an external drive?)



Re: Spotify should have sdcard transfer

you can clean cache data in app Settings>Clean Cache Data.
then redownload all your musics, this way Spotify will download them on your external storage.

Re: Spotify should have sdcard transfer


I have also read this article and followed its instructions:


It works for some time directly after configuration and an initial download ... but after some days days or until the app is updated the or until I add some songs - I DO NOT KNOW when it stopps working. Then my internal SD is refilled by Spotify song files ... Spotify still also uses space on my External SD.



  • Samsung S4
  • Android 5.0.1
  • 9,25 GB internal Space - 7 are used by System and Apps - 2 are free
  • external SD-card has 60 GB  - 40 GB are already used - 20 are free