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Spotify skips and stops randomly when phone is moved

Spotify skips and stops randomly when phone is moved

I've only noticed this problem when walking around with headphones on whilst using Spotify on my phone but it seems to occur whilst streaming as well as with offline playlists. Once every few minutes, the app will either spontaneously pause whichever song I'm playing, or skip it (and maybe half the album) entirely.

A partial fix so far has been to reposition my headphone jack until it starts spontaneously playing again, which I thought meant that it was a sensitivity problem but the amount of movement it takes to pause/skip a song changes at random. Sometimes I can take my phone out and check a message and the music will keep playing, other times i can hardly walk at all without the bug presenting itself. Before anyone asks - yes, I've tried using different pairs of headphones. It isn't the headphones. It may well be that the phone jack itself is broken but I haven't noticed the problem with any other apps, then again I don't stream Youtube while walking around. 

This has been a recurrent problem for a few months now, I've tried every given solution for similar problems including: formatting my SD card, a clean app reinstall, redownloading playlists and using different quality settings. 

I've been using Spotify Premium for years now and have tens of playlists, and have only had this problem present itself in the last few months. Amount of downloaded songs has no bearing, I've tried it having downloaded three playlists on normal quality and 15 on extreme, the result is the same.

I'm seriously considering switching to another service because this is extremely inconvenient, and isn't worth any amount of money. This is considering I have an archive of all of the music I've been listening to over the last 3-4 years on the app, so I would very much prefer to fix the problem quickly.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy J5
Version: armV7
Carrier: O2
Location: UK

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It certainly sounds like a problem with the audio socket. It's more likely that lint and dirt have got into it than it being broken. I would try listening to mp3s using the stock music player or another streaming service to see if the same thing happens. If it does then there are plenty of sites with suggestions for cleaning the socket.

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