Spotify starts and stops playing randomly when screen is off


Spotify starts and stops playing randomly when screen is off



Premium subscriber in the US



Galaxy S7

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Android 7.0


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 Recently Spotify started an obnoxious behavior where it will erratically pause music while I am listening with the screen off (with headphones or just over phone speakers).


Yesterday it started exhibiting a far worse behavior where it will start playing randomly when the screen is off (an device idle). It started up around 3AM this morning and I manually closed spotify (task manager, swipe right to remove it from the current app list... not a force stop from application manager). Then around 10AM it started playing again, picking up right where it left off.


This is unacceptable behavior for an application of this type. In additional, mild irritantion was turned into extreme frustration by how god awful Spotify's customer support site is.


There was another thread already open describing this exact issue - but it was marked "Solved" despite dozens of users reporting that it was still happening. It seem the thread has been locked as well? I won't speculate on the potential motives there, but as an over 5 year premium member I expect this to me the last month I use the service unless I witness an amazing turnaround. What was once an amazingly reliable, simple, and useful app has evolved into an unapologetic buggy mess with fewer and fewer working features each year. Plus your users get the priviledge of paying a monthly fee to beta test the social media platform Spotify seems to want to build now (while ignoring the functionality their users are paying for).

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Re: Spotify starts and stops playing randomly when screen is off


The same thing just started happening to me a few days ago. I think it's based on app updates that is pausing and playing media. These are the apps that updated on it (same) galaxy phone and wondering if you have any of these?

  • VeSync
  • Yousician
  • Netflix
  • Google Translate
  • Google
  • My Verizon
  • Google Photos
  • Amazon Alexa

My issue started when I was playing Spotify on Alexa so I'm wondering if my Echo is hitting play/pause...