Spotify starts playing automatically

Spotify starts playing automatically


Whenever I watch an Instagram video or hang up on a phone conversation, Spotify starts playing automatically. I've disabled auto-play but it keeps happening. It's not running in the background when this happens. This is on an Motorola G5 plus. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hey @Snoorky!


Thanks for getting in touch with the Spotify Community. We'd like to help. 


Just to confirm, can you let us know the Android and Spotify version you're rocking? Also, did this start happening after a recent update? 


In the meantime, please reinstall the app with these steps. If that doesn't work, try restarting your device. 


Let us know if that makes any difference 🙂




I had the same problem. After being called, when I hung up, spotify started playing automatically, even when it was not playing before the I got called.

The steps seem to have solved the problem for now. Downside is that I had to download all my offline music again. So when following the the instructions, make sure you remember which music you have offline BEFORE erasing all data and reinstalling spotify. After reinstalling download the music again.

And make sure you are on wifi, so your mobile bundle is not bothered with redownloading..

I have a similar problem. I have linked Spotify to my Alexa speaker. It automatically played at 2 am (and it was Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams!!!). This is so annoying and it also happened to the Mac app.


This happens on my Samsung Galaxy S6 (version # and also Spotify for Windows (version #

On my Android, it always starts playing immediately after connecting to a Bluetooth audio device.

On Windows and Android, I also experience intermittent "auto playing" for no apparent reason upon launching the app.

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