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Spotify stop playing music - LG G6

Spotify stop playing music - LG G6







Operating System

Android 8.0.0


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 Since about a week I have very annoying problem with Spotify.

It stops playing song. I'm listening my playlist and it just stops in the middle of the song, like I would pressed "STOP". Today it happend four times - more or less every 20 min! It is not a big problem if I'm at my desk, where I can press "PLAY" button at any time. But it is very annoying when it happens on my bike. I'm riding it every day for 2h. When the music stops I have to stop, take my phone and start it again! This is not happening to any other players I'm using on the phone - I can listen to any online radio station or google music - it works, just Spotify keeps stopping!

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This is also happening to me using Moto phone. I have the latest version and this has been happening for about 3 weeks now. I might just cancel and start using Amazon music app. This was also an issue a couple of years ago. I don't see anyone from spotify saying anything about the problem. Pretty annoying when it only happens on this app and no others. Sometimes it stops after 20 minutes sometimes only after a few minutes. It just stopped while I was typing this! wth spotify! Fix this or lose customers. Me for starts! 

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