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Spotify stop randomly after a track

Spotify stop randomly after a track

I use the spotify app for android on a Samsung S7, premium account. Since several weeks (month ?) when I listen to playlists the playback stop after a track when the phone is lock.  When I unlock the phone the playback "restart". The player is not in pause, it is just block on 0:00 of the new track.


What have I done :

- I have desinstalled the app and reinstalled it

- I have prioritized the usage of battery for Spotify

- I have switch to a better wifi channel, stable

- I have activated the usage of data (4 G) in case the Wifi is not stable enough

The issue persist.

Note that I have the issue on several wifi, but not using my own home wifi (apparently but I use it less at home).


Any idea ?

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strange. Got the same issue using the Web player too 😞

Normally, the phone closes apps when it starts using too much RAM, try to not use any other apps while listening to music or use the S Manager to clean RAM before listening to music, (I don't guarantee this will solve your problem, I had the same problem but I have solved it using this, I have a J7 2017)

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