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Spotify stops and closes

Spotify stops and closes

When I have Spotify playing and I open another app, the music stops playing. It doesn't do this for all apps, but it happens for most of them. Other times, it could be working fine while in the background then suddenly stop and close itself.


I have tried the battery optimization thing, and for the record, the instructions aren't even correct, at least for my tablet. For my tablet, these are the steps I had to take:

Settings > Apps > Configure Apps > Battery Optimization > All Optimized except Spotify


This did not work for me, and it's the only suggested fix I can find.


My tablet, which is brand new, is a 6.0 Marshmallow, kernel version 3.18.22 (I'm not incredibly tech smart so I don't know which information is needed) and I'm using the most current version of Spotify.


What can I do to really fix the problem?

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It's the app that you're in, not Spotify, that is causing this problem. Once in the app that you want music playing in, swipe down, and press play on the Spotify control notification.

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