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Spotify stops to play after few minutes

Spotify stops to play after few minutes

Hi All,


I've got spotify premium, I'm really interested to the function offline. But after just 1 song and half, or 3,4 minutes, as you wish, both online and offline mode, the app stops to play. Few months ago everything worked fine with the online mode, cannot understand. I read probably it's something related to the app. I also logged off from my PC so to be logged in just with my phone...nothing! 

Does anybody know how to fix this annoying problem? Need to go abroad in a couple of days and it would be fantastic to have my music...with a workable spotify!

Thanks in advance.



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I'll tell you, I've already tried to kill all the apps running in background, re-boot the phone, keep running just spotify...nothing is working! It's quite disappointing to pay for something which doesn't work, beacuase I'm more and more sure that it's an app issue.

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