Spotify stutter!

Spotify stutter!


Hello, I have been experiencing a stutter while listening to Spotify on Bluetooth headphones. I've read countless post on this topic and nothing seems to help. The audio keeps on stuttering randomly every couple of minutes (music stops for 1-3 seconds and then resumes normally or speeds up as to recompensate). I've tried restarting both devices and reinstalling Spotify, but it only gets worse. No such thing happens while listening to e.g. YouTube or different music platforms. The problem occurs also while streaming music from my phone to other Bluetooth devices.

I'm using Honor 9 with Android Oreo, Spotify version is If it is a vital information, the headphones I'm usually using are Creative Soundblaster Jam. Please, help! I'm going crazy 😞 


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Hey @lprcnt,


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Does the stutter only happen when using Bluetooth devices?


To try and fix this, could you give the app a reinstall?


Let us know how you get on, 


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