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Spotify suddenly logout on Android - cannot reconnect

Spotify suddenly logout on Android - cannot reconnect

Hi, I want to report an issue that really made me angry.

I have Spotify Premium and have been using it for years. I have several playlists on my account, and several songs downloaded for offline listening during travelling.

Last week, when I was travelling on an airplane, suddenly when I tried to open Spotify App on Android (Moto G5S Plus phone), the app asked me to connect. But I was offline, on an airplane, and I never logged out. And since I was on a plane, it was impossible to log in again. So in the end I couldn't use Spotify during my travel. The main reason for having a premium account DID NOT WORK.


Even later, when I reached my destination, I tried to connect (now with Wifi and internet connection), but the app keeps pop-up a message saying "Offline mode, please connect". And nothing more happens. 

It seems I faced an "deadlock" issue, and the only way to restore was to uninstall and install the app again, but this made me lost ALL downloaded songs, and now need to download again. :-S

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