Spotify taking the same amount of storage in internal and SD


Spotify taking the same amount of storage in internal and SD







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Hello to everyone! This is my first post, I'm sorry if this kind of problem has already been solved, I couldn't find one.

The problem is: I have downloaded almost 300 songs to listen to them offline in my SD CARD, but as soon as I downloaded them, my internal storage grows equally bigger. I've read that the spotify app weights around 108 MB alone, in my mobile it says that de app weight 55 MB while its data is 819 MB.

If I delete all my dowloaded songs, the app stays at 100-150 MB, but when I downloaded all the songs I want to, it works as if I hadn't dowloaded them into my SD. Moreover, if I go to the app settings, it clearly says that out of my 16 GB SD Card, 786 MB are being used by the spotify songs. So why is that I have BOTH storages equally full? I've read tons of posts about cache and other nonesense but it is not what it is happening, why do I choose to download the songs into my SD if the app is still going to dowload them in my internal storage? is this a joke?

If I delete the app data, all my songs are deleted aswell. I did everything I could, re-installed the app after deleting all the spotify data from my mobile device, but still, when I download the songs, the internal storage grows as much as I've downloaded. 

It is ridiculous, I cannot find an explanation nor solution to this is a bunch of other posts. 

Thank you.

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Re: Spotify taking the same amount of storage in internal and SD


Hey @Sebastian79.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Let's try to reset and set everything back up. You can do this as follows:


  1. Clear the Spotify cache which can be done in the Spotify settings
  2. Remove Spotify from your mobile device
  3. Head over here and remove all Offline devices
  4. Reboot your mobile device
  5. Install Spotify
  6. Go to the Spotify settings and choose to save songs to the SD card
  7. Download music for Offline use

Keep in mind that when you stream songs, music will still be cached in your internal storage. This shouldn't exceed 1GB though as older files will make room for newer files.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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