Spotify taking up internal storage even if deleted.

Spotify taking up internal storage even if deleted.

I have had storage problems with spotify since i first used it on a smartphone which dates years back. 


Currently i have figured out exactly what seems to be the problem (the symptoms, not the solution unfortunately). 


So, Spotify will save to my SD-Card. Great start. 

Spotify still takes up internal storage even though it doesn't really. Not so great. 


What do i mean by that? My phone reports to me that spotify takes up roughly 9 GB of internal storage. Since i searched everywhere for this data, i can say: nope not there. Only on the SD-Card, as it should. 


Somehow the phone still thinks that Spotify saves to my internal memory. 

Why is this a problem? Well, i cannot update my other apps anymore since i run out of internal storage (completely unnessecary). 

Oh yeah and also: When i delete all the Spotify data and so on and even delete the app with all those great tips from the forums here. Guess what? Still takes up internal memory like a ghost. 

As if somehow the app itself is so poorly programmed that it confuses the phone into thinking the internal memory is used.


This is not acceptable. A company charging every premium user 10 Euros a month has to fix this. Especially because this problem with SD and Internal storage exists for years. 


All the other threads get random staff answers with links to other topics. Noone even cares that their app takes up memory even if deleted. 


I repeat: This is not acceptable. 


You cant expect people to keep on giving you money if you do absolutely nothing to solve simple problems that exists for years. 


Sorry for the rant but im fed up with this. 


If someone knows a fix (100% nobody, since it's a fail of the developers), please let me know.




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