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Spotify taking up so much space on my phone?

Spotify taking up so much space on my phone?

Within the Spotify app, I have all my music set to download to my SD card, so why is the app itself taking up over 3GB of internal storage? my phone only has 5GB of internal storage and I really need this for other things. Any ideas? 

Cheers. 🙂

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This is because Spotify downloads the files in it's own cache library - in it's file format - in case you can listen to them in offline mode.


If you don't have to use the offline mode then just simply tap again the 'download' button in your playlist and all the storage will be back what the spotify download took up!


I hope I could help you!


Have a nice day!


Hi! Thanks so much for your reply.
I'm a bit confused, I thought I could listen to all downloads offline? Is there no way to store songs on my SD card, I thought that was what it was for?

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding, I was just under the impression that I can store offline music to my SD card because that has more space.

You can reduce the ammount of space that your music requiers offline if you go to settings and you change the download quality lower than now.


I think this would save you up some space 🙂



So there's no option to download music to anywhere but my internal storage even if I select my SD card for storage? What does Spotify store to the SD card then?
Thanks 🙂

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