Spotify turns off after leaving the app


Spotify turns off after leaving the app


I usually open Spotify start my mix and then close the app and i still can hear the music because there was some sort of notification that let me change the song or pause it, but know i can't, as soon as i close the app the music stops and i can't hear ir anymore, so i don't know if thats a feature for premium now or something, i hope someone can help me



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Re: Spotify turns off after leaving the app


Hey @Malok! Help's here! 


I'm not aware of background listening becoming a Spotify Premium perk, but I'll let you know if I hear anything else! In the meantime, I'd love to get you going with your tunes!


How are you closing Spotify - by pressing the home button or by pressing the overview button and swiping Spotify to the side? Also, when you leave Spotify, does this only happen when you have a specific other app open?


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welcome to the Spotify Community! I'm happy to assist you!

Had you recently installed a System Update of Andorid? On Android 7 and above most apps force stop, after closing them. This should be a feature for energy saving, but sometimes it really gets on my nerves too. Please tell me your andoord version and check your device settings for a point called "Protected applications" (with lock symbol). There I have the possibility to prevent apps from closing. 

Please note: The option may be called different on other devices.


Do you use any task killer applications? Does this also occur, when you close only the Spotify App by swiping it to the side, instead of tapping on the "Close all applications"-Button? 

Please tell me, if the music stopped as you go to device settings → Apps / Application Manager → Spotify you see a force close button. Is it clickable? If you can't tap on it, it must be a problem with Doze mode (Android energy saver).

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