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Spotify used 630mb on it's own

Spotify used 630mb on it's own

Yesterday evening Spotify on my OnePlus One decided to do something weird.


I got some kind of notification so I took my phone (from the table, not from my pocket). I immediately noticed the phone was super hot, like way-beyond-comfortable hot. I unlocked my phone and the notification was a data usage warning. 

In the meantime the notification bar was kinda going nuts: Every few seconds Spotify would display a new song in the notification bar.


So I closed Spotify and the problem dissapeared. The phone cooled down and there were no more weird updates in the notification bar. However, I still had that data usage warning. So I looked into that and it showed me that Spotify had been using 630MB in the background.


The app must have been using that 630MB in a matter of minutes as I hadn't been using Spotify before that weird event. That does explain the heat though.. I do not want Spotify to use that amount of data without my consent, especially when it isn't over WiFi. 

Now my data is restricted to 64kbps download speed for the rest of the month.


Other OnePlus users have encountered a "bug" where unintended gestures start to play music as if it were magic. I encountered this bug too but every single time I would hear music, that wasn't the case here.

How is Spotify able to use those amounts of data and why?!


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Hey @LosGiraffe thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. Could you please confirm the following details for us:


1. Your exact device and OS

2. The Spotify app version installed



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