Spotify wakes Facebook app


Spotify wakes Facebook app


Hello everybody,


First sorry for my english!


i started to use spotify premium a few days ago, before that i was using it on desktop with free version


my problem is these 2 apps spotify and facebook associated with each other, this is where my problem starts on my android phone.


you know this 2 apps working in background moslty, and facebook app drains battery a lot even you dont touch it and use it. honestly i hate facebook app but sometimes i have to use it. cause of this i rooted my phone and hibernate all apps that i dont want to work in background but i see when i touch spotify icon facebook app wakes up and start to execute whole those draining  services. (instagram app also does this always)


here is my question, how can i seperate these apps? i dont want facebook services work without my control


edit: btw i dont use facebook to login spotify

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Re: Spotify wakes Facebook app

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There are a few activities that get triggered by the Spotify app. ou can check your settings in Spotify to check Facebook integration is disabled and try disabling th broadcast status to see if that helps. Other option is to completey Disable the Spotify app from the Global Android App settings and enable it when you want to use it.

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