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Spotify will change playlist when I unlock my phone

Spotify will change playlist when I unlock my phone







Oppo Reno 8 lite

Operating System

Android 11


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Spotify changed to a random recommended playlist when I went to unlock my phone after disconnecting it from my car. The last song played was paused, when I unlocked the phone it changed to a random paused song from another playlist. Any advice? Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling because it has tons of issues with the car's Bluetooth that never get answered here anyways.

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Hey @Mayushi22,


Thanks for reaching out and kudos the troubleshooting you've already tried.


Does this happen with every playlist in your account or just specific ones? How about albums? Would it be possible to send us a video showing the issue? You can attach it to your comment or upload it via YouTube/Google Drive.


Also, can you check if the same happens with a different account/device?


Keep us posted.

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It seems to happen only with one specific playlist in my account. I've
tried with albums but I couldn't recreate the issue.

I've noticed that it doesn't happen when the playlist is set on smart
shuffle. Once I put it back in regular shuffle, if I unlock my phone while
a song is playing it will revert it back to another random playlist.

There's also an issue with the playlist itself: when I connect it to my
car's Bluetooth, it won't start from the last song played but from a random
one at a random timestamp, always from the playlist. It lasts for 2/3 days
(on regular days I connect my phone 4 times a day), then it chooses another
song to start the playlist from, no matter what the last song played is.
This also happens with the same playlist from the issue above, never with
albums. Smart shuffle avoids this too.

I don't have much occasions to try with other accounts/devices or screen
recording, but if it's indispensable I can try and do that. Let me know if
any additional information is needed

Hey @Mayushi22,


Thanks for getting back to us. 


We'll do our best to help you out, however, it will be difficult to find a solution remotely without a quick video of the issue, that's why we've asked for it as this could help us get a better understanding. 


In the meantime, we'd recommend that you tap on your car's name in Bluetooth devices, click on "Forget this device", log out everywhere and connect to the car again to check if the issue persists.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 

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