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Spotify will no longer play when the app is not open and the screen is not on.

Spotify will no longer play when the app is not open and the screen is not on.

I am not a Premium member.


I've always had problems with the lock screen pop-up and the app stopping, but recently Spotify will stop playing if I even go to the desktop screen on my Tablet (it is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it is only about 7 months old). I tried changing the quality back to Normal, closing other apps, and restarting Spotify and my tablet, but it has the same problem every time. I can't even turn off the screen without it stopping, a lot of the time, mid-song. It was working perfectly fine last week, and I've rarely had this problem! I even have it on right now and it's not working, but it says it's playing in the notification screen.


I'm going to try uninstalling it if I can't find a practical answer on the forums. I have yet to see an android forum on this specific issue.


Thank you for your help!


*Edit: I have my settings are all default except for "Show Unplayable Songs and "Normalize Volume" which are on, but I did used to run the equalizer, which I have recently found is no longer functional.


**Edit: I have found that when I close the app or turn off my tablet screen and then go back into it, the song selection screen has gone grey (as though it disconnected). Not sure if this is my WiFi connection or a bug in Spotify. I have updated the tablet recently, but as far as I know, everything is the same as before on my WiFi settings. . .

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