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Spotify will not sync local files

Spotify will not sync local files







Samsung Galaxy 8

Operating System

Android Oreo, Windows 10


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 It's been weeks and I can't get spotify to sync local files. There are seriously so many posts about this same kind of issue, how has spotify not simplified/fixed this process yet? I'm on the same wifi on my computer and phone. I've deleted and readded files, tried undownloading and redownloading. This is ridiculous.

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Hey @bird_socks, help's arrived. 


Do the local files work on your PC to begin with? 


We first suggest that you do a quick reinstall for a fresh start and to ensure that you have the latest Spotify version. This means that you'll have to re-download any music you've saved for offline use.

After that, check out this help article to find the most common criteria for using local files on Spotify.

If that doesn't work, try putting the files in another folder and use that folder as a source for local files from your app's settings. Rename the files if necessary to something that only contains letters and spacing, without any special characters.


Lastly, while synchronizing the local files between devices, use another network connection, preferably connecting both devices to the same mobile hotspot. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂




Thank you for the reply. Although none of these things fixed the issue. I already put songs in another folder for spotify, and I can't connect my desktop to a mobile hotspot since it doesn't have wifi capability. Both my phone and desktop are on the same wifi network though. 

Hey @bird_socks.


Thanks for getting back to us on this.


Just to confirm, are the Local Files appearing on your desktop at all? 


If you aren't able to add them to your desktop, just double-check that you've enabled Local Files, including the correct source folders, in the app settings.


Could you also make sure that the files are in the right format? We accept the following file formats:

  • .mp3
  • .m4p (unless it contains video)
  • .mp4 (if QuickTime is installed on your computer)

If instead you are having trouble transferring the files over to your mobile phone, could you let us know if this is happening with all the files, or just with some of them?


Once we have all that information, we'll be able to look into this further.


Thanks! We'll be looking out for your reply.

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