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Spotify won't advance in playlist

Spotify won't advance in playlist

I've been having trouble using the Android app of Spotify. Whenever I play music on my phone the track ends with :01 remaining and Spotify will not advance to the next song until I do it manually.

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I am having the same issue on Iphone and on my PC desktop. It's not after every song, byt certainly after quite a few specific songs.

I'm having the same problem on my PC.  There wasn't a problem before; it started last week.

Ey spotify, you need to fix this issue. It's renders my mobile app useless. I cannot manually skip forward each time I want to hear the next song in an playlist.

Made the mistake of upgrading to premium but certainly will not keep it if this problem has no effing solution.

Having this prpblem with a downloaded playlist.  When it's not downloaded does not appear to have same issue.



It may sound rather strenuous, but have you tried re-installing the app or checking for any updates?



Of course, first step, uninstall, remove all files and reinstall. No dice.

Did anyone ever answer you or solve your problem? I see the date was 2015, so I'm sure the file someone referenced is nolonger available. It just started happening on my pc and my phone. Never did that before. Now I have to manually make it play the next song every time. So frustrating. I can use my Pandora for FREE and not have this irritation. So paying for this and there's not a fix for it is NOT an option.

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