Spotify won't open

Spotify won't open

"Unfortunately, Spotify has stopped." every time i try to open spotify this pops up . how do i wipe all spotify content on my phone and get a clean install ? I'm running an andoid .

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I'll try to run you through some steps to see if we can get spotify wiped off for a clean install. Likely the scenario is similar but just so we are on the same page ill be walking you through as if I was on my mobile devices which is a Samsung S6. First go to Apps then find the "settings" icon. From there you will want to go to 'applications' --> 'application manager' --> 'downloaded' then scroll and find the spotify link. Click on the link which should bring up application info. There you will find Clear Data and Clear Cache which you will want to do first before uninstalling the program. Then you will have to go back through the process of downloading Spotify.


Hope I was able to help!


- E.

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