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Spotify won't play some songs on Sonos One

Spotify won't play some songs on Sonos One

I happen to mainly use Spotify Premium on Android, but the same problem happens if I use the Desktop app.


I can usually connect to my Sonos One speakers without a problem. But when connected there are some songs that I can't play. When I tap them, nothing happens and it keeps playing whatever it is currently playing.


If I disconnect from the speakers, I can select these songs to play through the phone's speaker. But then if I try to change it to play on the Sonos speakers, it says "Connecting...." but never connects. 


Why????? What is "special" about these songs that I can't play them through the smart speakers?


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Agreed, it's ridiculous.

Hi folks! 


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


Could you let us know if the songs you can't play on your Sonos speakers are local files?


On another note, would you mind trying to play those specific songs using a different internet connection?


Let us know how it goes 🙂

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I have the same problem. It happens with one podcast "Philosophize This" from the BBC and it is happening with another called "60 Songs That Explain the '90s". For the latter, it seems related to the track/episode being marked Explicit, even if I don't have any controls blocking it either on Spotify or on Sonos.

I am using Spotify on iPhone8 (iOS 16.5) and the Sonos Play:1 speakers (latest firmware).

Hi there @sej2om802zbc4s7sznlr,


Thanks for the reply. Do you face issues only with podcasts or with songs too? If the issue is only with podcasts, it might be because they are flagged as "mixed media" and cannot play on devices without video capabilities, see this idea for more info.


Hope this helps.

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