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Spotify won't play synced tracks!

Spotify won't play synced tracks!

Good day everybody! I'm using Spotify on a HTC M8 running Android 4.4, but none of my synced playlists plays. The only songs that play are the online search results. This is quite frustrating to say at least, considering I usually have around 10-12GB synced offline, many songs aren't available on Spotify. Things I tried so far are resetting my devices via the Spotify website, factory resetting my phone, and even a complete reflash of software. Nothing works since your last update. I am seriously considering ending my subscription, cause it seems ever time you push an update, you totally wreck the app. Why use whole updates that require people to resync EVERY time? This is the reason SW developers mostly push patches. Please fix these issues, or I will find other alternatives.
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Hi. Apart from the May security update, there shouldn'y be any need to resynch or redownload music. If you have tried a factory reset of your phone and you still have issues, there's not a lot left to try. Exactly which version of android 4.4 are you running and do you use an external SD card?

Everytime I get asked to update Spotify, I need to resync my lists, and that is borderline retarded. I use a certified Kingston 16GB chip,class 10. Android 4.4.2 on a 3.0.4 kernel

Try reinstalling spotify following the instructions in this post to make sure you have no old folders left over from the old version. If you still have problems please shout.

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