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Spotify won't run without an Internet connection.

Spotify won't run without an Internet connection.

When I try to start Spotify on my Android phone without an Internet connection (Airplane On) it will not run.  I get an error message "You're offline. Please connect to the Internet and try again.  My reason for buying Premium was to listen to downloaded music offline, such as when I'm on a boat out of range of cell coverage. How do I get Spotify to run?

3 Replies

Hello @Ratty312, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you please attach a screenshot of the error you're receiving?

Can't you discard the message when you open Spotify?

If you restart the phone is still not working?

That's just because the new home screen can't load without an internet connection. Go to Your Music and all will be fine.

I just discovered that all I need to do is ignore the error message and go
to the Menu at top left and then go to Your Library.

Thank you for your patience with a Newbie.


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