Spotify wont play any songs on my Android?

Spotify wont play any songs on my Android?

I have the Premium version so I dont know why its not playing any songs. Two days ago, I put it on offline mode and ever since it won't play anything, even when its not in offline mode. Very frustrating.
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Hi james93 - It seems your last Premium payment wasn't able to go through successfully. This means your account is now on our free service. 


I recommend making sure your card still meets all of the following requirements before trying again:


1. Your card must not have expired. 


2. The country set in your Spotify account profile must match the country where your card is registered. If you intend to use a payment method in another country, you can make this selection on your Subscription page (We can only accept payment from our launch countries).


3. Your card should be enabled for e-commerce transactions (Verified by Visa/Mastercard securecard card).


4. Your card must be open to be used for foreign purchases.


5. There are some banks that require other security authentifications, the most common one being 3DSecure.


Once you have checked all of the above, please try again to subscribe from your subscription page.

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