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Spoyify uses data while listening online

Spoyify uses data while listening online

Why is spotify using so much data . I only listen to downloaded music. I am 10 days into my billing cycle and so far it has used 100 megs. I am seriously thinking cancelling and switching to another streaming app. Does anyone else have this problem and how do I resolve it. Thank you!
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Hi Nas1986!


I initially ran into this issue when I first got my new phone. To resolve this, go into the cell phone data connection settings and ensure that your phone is only using the wifi connection to download songs. Probably what is happening is there is a setting that your phone uses by default to "use the fastest network available to download" in many cases especially with 4GLTE network connections, the mobile data is often faster than standard wi-fi. Is this a new cellphone/device?


Another thing that you can do is go into your Spotify app settings, found under the YOUR MUSIC tab in the top right corner, and confirm that "DOWLOAD USING CELLULAR" is indeed off. Hopefully this will provide you some peace of mind and help save your data for other awesome things! Keep us posted. If this does solve the answer could you please ensure that you click the solved icon so others struggling with the same issue can find quick solutions!





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