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Still No Equalizer for Android???

Still No Equalizer for Android???

How can there be no Equalizer for the Android app. I have been missing this for a year++. This whole time knowing my music could have souded tons better!
Now I'm fed up, and will start seriously to look for other options for my music!
I have a Huawei P9 phone, and the crappy music that comes as example music with music player on the phone, is way better Spotify!
Is there a Fix?? Or do I have to find another option??
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Hi Papaparty,


Sorry about your frustration, however, Spotify does not come with an Equalizer built in, the app uses the your phones equalizer if one is available. It appears Huawei doesn't provide the Android equalizer built-in and so you will need to get one off of the Play Store.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help, if you need anything else let me know!




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