Stop automatic playing of recommended music with Premium

Stop automatic playing of recommended music with Premium

I have a Spotify premium account, and I often download whole music albums for offline listening when I'm driving. Recently, after the whole album I've downloaded has finished playing, recommended songs will start automatically playing that I haven't downloaded and are therefore streaming. Before this started happening, my music simply stopped playing and I heard silence, telling me that my album has finished. Now, I might not know that my album has finished and I'm streaming music for a few songs, which is using data. I don't have a lot of data to spare, and I don't want to use it unknowingly on streaming music. I download my music for a reason. How do I get Spotify to stop automatically streaming music without my knowledge?

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Hi. You may have a new option "autoplay" in spotify settings. Toggling it off should stop this undesirable behaviour. Otherwise, all you can do is complain using the contact form or by posting in the ideas section and try to remember to put spotify in offline mode when you get in your car.

Nice, I didn't see that option. Seems like it works, we'll see if it holds up. Thanks!

Thanks Joe. I have set this on my iPad, do you know if this automatically sets this on all devices? Thanks again

My spotify account doesn't allow me to toggle off the autoplay. It remains on no matter what I try.  This is a travesty.  I don't want to hear music that I would never listen to.  I am a classical music lover and do not want to listen to rap!!!!!! I may have to cancel my Premium subscription.


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