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Stops playing on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Stops playing on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



Since a few days I've got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to replace my  Galaxy S6.


But when I'm listening to my playlists and the phone gets locked (screen turns to black and I need to enter my fingerprint to 'wake up' the phone) Spotify stops playing after the current song has ended.


I tried to change the 'wake up security' to password, pattern, just swipe but with all these the problem remains.

I also tried to delete the cache and data and even re-installed Spotify completely - but without effect.


Does anybody knows what setting I need to change or how I can fix this so I can listen to my music either if my phone locks.


To totally give up the security is not an option.


Hope that anyone can help.


Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F)

Android 6.0.1 - Marshmallow

Spotify version:

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Hey im literally having the exact same issue that you are with the same phone. The only difference is that I'm unable to use Bluetooth either. It keeps disconnecting whenever I play a song, pretty similar to how it stops when using an auxillary cord. I have no issues with headphones tho. Did you ever find a permanent solution ?

No, I'm sorry, never found a solution. But for me, it works perfectly with my bluetooth headphones, so now I never use anything else. Sorry I couldn't give you a better answer....


It's okay no worries at all thank you regardless 🙂

Can somebody help me it doesn't work it always crashes and it reboots on my s7 edge it is on Android 7.0

Also have the same problem, using an auxiliary cord. The music stops so sporadically. Have music on the sd card, Galaxy S7 nougat. This is getting redicoulus. Do we have to change music provider?

I feel like there's no other alternative at this point

Cannot find any restrict background option.

Here's my "final" input to this conversation thread. My analysis, and conclusions on the problem are as follows:

Stated Problem:

Spotify stops playing randomly when connecting to a music player (i.e. headphones, amplifier/receiver) using a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable connection via the smartphone's headphone jack;


1) Firstly, the problem is not limited to Spotify. I've had the same problem when connecting my Android 6 smartphone while listening to Google Play Music, iTunes Apple Music, Deezer, and others. Therefore, I conclude that the cause of the problem is either a hardware issue, or operating system issue. Since many different brands of Android-based phones are having the problem, I conclude that it is more likely an Android operating system issue. Fewer people, I believe, have problems with listening to streaming music via headphones, however, so I would say make sure the headphone port on the phone is clear of dust. by gently using a paper clip to pry out dust, Regardless of the source of the problem, I would say any smartphone should have the capability to listen to streaming music via headphones, and, if after cleaning the port of dust you still have a problem, I would seek a refund or replacement for your phone.

Solution to my problem:

In my case, I can listen to music on my headphones with no issues. Also, I can use a Bluetooth connection (most of the time) to listen on bluetooth headphones, ot by way of a bluetooth dongle attached to the auxiliary input of a Bose music player. I prefer listening to music by way of a cabled connection, however, because the sound quality of a cabled connection is superior to a bluetooth connection (due to the extra compression of the music spectrum that bluetooth uses).

When I try to connect via cable to my car's auxiliary input, or the Bose system's, or my traditional Yahama receiver/amplifier, I run into the above mentioned problems. So, I now use streaming music to discover new and old artists, but for artist's that I wish to listen to in high quality, (i.e. 320 kps MP3, FLAC files), I purchase the music at a small cost, then use MediaMonkey to sync up with a couple of Apple music players. The Apple devices have no issues when connecting to headphones, receivers, amps, etc via the auxiliary cable. I use the site: as my go to site for music purchases - inexpensive (e.g. 99 cents for the average album). Because I enjoy quality over quantity, I'm considering in investing in a Digital Audiio Player that can play high resolution files as a long-term solution ($300 - $400).


Hope this helps. 


This doesn't work for me on my Samsung galaxy Tab unfortunately

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