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Stops playing on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


Stops playing on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



Since a few days I've got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to replace my  Galaxy S6.


But when I'm listening to my playlists and the phone gets locked (screen turns to black and I need to enter my fingerprint to 'wake up' the phone) Spotify stops playing after the current song has ended.


I tried to change the 'wake up security' to password, pattern, just swipe but with all these the problem remains.

I also tried to delete the cache and data and even re-installed Spotify completely - but without effect.


Does anybody knows what setting I need to change or how I can fix this so I can listen to my music either if my phone locks.


To totally give up the security is not an option.


Hope that anyone can help.


Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM-G935F)

Android 6.0.1 - Marshmallow

Spotify version:

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My S7 Note is not playing spodify through the speakers. I can get it to play through Echo. I have turned off the power saver and unrestricted data. Please help.


Indeed this is help, thanks

When I'm playing a game after a couple songs the music stops playing anyone know how to fix ?

that fixed my problem too.
turning off power save mode is the way to go. I have a galaxy s7.
thanks man!

Simply turn,OFF power saving,Problem solved I have s7

Thank you, that was the problem! 🙂

You absolute legend!!! It's taken me two months worth of correspondence with spotify to rectify this and you just did it for me with one single Google search! They should be hiring you

I have the same issue in my S7 Edge, turning of battery saving doesn't work.

Is spotify team doing something to address this problem?

Have you tried to reinstall? Honestly I did everything and once I changed Power Saving mode it worked. Sadly spotify didn't have much to offer. Have you also checked your offline mode settings within the Spotify app itself?

Thanks mate, i was having exactly the same issue as you, on my ancient Galaxy S3.

Still nothing for me. I've tried every solution offered thus far (using a s6 edge+). Tried reinstall, power saving options, background data, and even a factory reset. Happens when on network, plugged in, on WiFi or any combo thereof. Getting extremely frustrating.

Have you tried to go through apps and clear cache and force it to stop and try that ,if u have uninstalled it and that didn't wrk. You don't hve any power saving mode on, correct try that see if fix it,make sure also that you don't hve spotify set to only play,offline mode.

Maybe this help you, we try,I hve Samsung Galaxy s7,not edge but is s7

This became a huge problem for me over time. I was able to solve it by turning off power optimization and turning off Wi-Fi whenever I want to listen to music. I haven't had a problem since.

Had the same problem with Spotify, and Apple Music randomly pausing on my Acer Liquid Zest Plus phone running Android 6.0. Because it affected both applications, I knew it wasn't strictly a Spotify issue. I also noticed that the problem only occurred when listening to music via ear or headphones through a cable connection. If I played music through the phone's native speaker, it didn't pause. Lastly, I noticed that just before the music paused, my phone would always vibrate slightly, indicating some type of event had occurred that seemed to interrupt the app. My conclusion was that the problem was due to some kind of integration issue between the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system, and the Spotify and Apple Music apps. The apps don't seem to be able to handle a system interrupt well - when tethered to a earphone, or any auxillary external port (e.g. a Bose music player).


Problem Solution (Work-around😞 I simply put my phone into Do Not Disturb mode (Priority) when listening to Spotify, and this seems to suppress the app interrupt. I first, however, made sure that all Reminders, Events and Messages were disabled in the Priority setting for Do Not Disturb. (In settings choose: Sound | Do not disturb | Priority only allows),

Of course, another work-around would be to listen to music via a bluetooth connection (e.g. to a bluetooth speaker, or a bluetooth receiver dongle that can bluetooth-enable any music playing device that accepts an auxiliary input). In my case, however, it seems my particular phone will connect to bluetooth for phone calls (i.e. connecting to my car's Sync system), but not to play music. It appears that to do that, I needed to order a bluetooth receiver gadget specifically made for the Liquid Zest Plus phone - which I've done and (at the time of this writing) have yet to receive in the mail.

Hope this rather long post helps some of you with similar problems.



Not for everyone unfortunately 😞

Same here unfortunately 😞 Samsung Active 7

Sorry to hear that the "solution" that I described doesn't work for you. The only thing I can suggest that "may" help is to download an app, such as All-in-one Toolbox, and run the Clean function to get rid of junk files that may be causing a problem. Good luck. I know how frustrating these bugs can be.

Very frustrating. I tried other songs on a playlist, about 10 songs, they
work, just the one song wouldn't work on the Samsung A7... Wonder why that
song wont play but a few seconds....Blood in the Cut. It works fine on my
Samsung laptop, Windows 10, touchscreen. Looking at other apps...this has
taken too much time with no result. The point was to download and play off
line on a long commute.

Thanks for the response, I appreciate your time.

I have the exact same problem, Spotify randomly stops/pauses playing, and it only happens when using connected headphones. There has to be another solution than switching off all messages and events? I want to be able to receive notifications, even when listening to Spotify. I never had this problem with my Samsung A3, only with my Galaxy S7. Extremely annoying! Anyone else with a solution to this problem?



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