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Storage on device

Storage on device

Hey Spotify, 

I am a faithful user and recently, when I lasted updated on 3/26/16 Spotify will not work any longer on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I get an error message saying that the device storage settings are off, and after contacting my service provider and working with them for an hour, we have come to the conclusion that these most recent updates are causing the issues. Any help anyone? I should not have to pay for this month because I am not able to use the app because of Spotify's issues....any advice? 


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Please read the guide linked below for details on the most common issues and how to fix them. Usually a clean install is the first step to take and resolves most of the usual issues; the guide details the steps to take to ensure a full 'clean installation' is achieved - This includes checking redundant folders and a REBOOT!

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues

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[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues
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