Storing offline music on SD card does not work (suggested solutions tested)

Storing offline music on SD card does not work (suggested solutions tested)


The Spotify app does not save offline music on the SD card. I have cleared the cache several times and I have also tried the other solutions.


  • Motorolo Moto G 2014
  • Free internal memory: 1 GM
  • Free SD card memory: 27 GB

The offline music of Spotify always fills the internal memory and prevents updates of other applications due to "not enough memory for that".


That is really annoying. There's more than enough space on the SD card.

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Had the same issue. Found out, it is only possible to save music on the SD-Card, if you set the Download quality to "Extreme"
This way Spotify takes your SD-Card.
Weird habit, but it works for me.
Moto G2, Lollipop 5.0.2, Up to the newest Spotify Version.
Good luck!


I have exactly the same configuration (Moto G2, Lollipop 5.0.2, latest Spotify version) but the "Extreme Quality" solution does not work for me.

After repeating ad nauseam the advice of uninstalling spotify from my HTC One and clearing its cache, and being disappointed every time when it downloaded my offline playlists to the phone... I contacted support who finally admitted SD cards were not supported. I gave up premium for that and switched to Google play music (or whatever it's called), it sucks pretty bad in general and lacks the curated playlists, but at least it realizes there's devices beyond the iPhone that have expandable memory. I hate kinda hate it though, so I am optimistic spotify will add sd card support some time soon.

I will paste the last, sad, email I received from support:


Thanks for getting in touch.

Spotify will never store music to an SD card.

This would give the user the ability to go offline for longer than the 30 days permitted aswell as putting it into any other device.

All spotify stores offline will need to be to your phones storage. Please move everything else to the SD card and leave phone memory for Spotify.

Many Thanks

Aaron Wilson

Spotify Customer Support


This sounds like lame programming.


It's a good reason to switch to Rhapsody/Napster, Deezer, Google Music or iMusic.

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