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Strange playlists and some one controlling my spotify on android device

Strange playlists and some one controlling my spotify on android device

Since a couple of weeks. I find strange playlists on my spotify. Which i did not add myself. 
Also a couple of weeks ago, i was using my phone and it constantly kept changing to a particular album (frozen soundtrack which i never ever would listen to). It was like being in a war for control of my phone. Also sometimes it shuts off when im driving on the highway (The Netherlands). I have these problems while on wifi and while using 4g. 

I have disconnected all devices in spotify and changed my password  (i use facebook for logging in so i changed my facebook password as well). I cant find intruders on my wifi @ home and my device works perfectly otherwise (samsung galaxy s6, looked for chromecast settings but couldnt find any).
It's really starting to anoy me and i am consindering canceling my subscription to spotify which i really do not want to do, cause i love it. 

Please help me. 

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You could always just create a new account, this is my second account, had the same thing happen to me.

I was considering that as well. With a second account i can copy my playlists anc cancel the last account afterwards. I love some of my playlists spend a lot of time on them. But i do think it would happen again so if anyone nows whats happening drop a comment. This is a good work arround but i'd love a fix.

I recommend you contact Spotify Support using the form here.

You will get an automated reply at first, however if you need to chase them just reply to the email as it does get monitored.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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