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Stream spotify to my car radio

Stream spotify to my car radio

Hi there,


I would like to use spotify in my car. It's definitely possible, I have an AUX in. I also have a USB port - reads MP3 from USB drives - and I was wondering though whether I could stream the music using the USB port, maybe through a third part application.


What I am looking for, is to avoid having to connect two cables (on on side, one on top!) when driving. Is there a way to connect just one cable and have charging/streaming at the same time?


The alternative would be - I guess - installing a BT adaptor in my car and stream the sound by bluetooth.


Any ideas would be appreciated.



Edit: looking for something like this, but I haven't got an iPhone, I have an HTC Desire!

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USB Audio is currently not supportes by Android OS as far as I know.

If your car audio supported HDMI in you could use a USB to HDMI cable (MHL) if supported by your handset.

However, these adapters have to be powered themselves so I doubt your handset´s battery would charge while hooked up

to your cars stereo. 


Spotify can stream via NFC. Is that supported by your in-car setup?





No unfortunately, I was hoping for bluetooth but it looks like it's not supporting it.

I guess that the best choice would be a premade pair of USB+audio cable then, to reduce tangling! 🙂


Edit: I can see indeed USB to audio adaptors on ebay. Do you mean that Android cannot use that output despite they are HTC adaptors?

I guess by now you've sorted out a solution - but for the record I've just added one of these to my car stereo to stream audio from the phone (Desire HD in my case), which also doubles-up as sat-nav at the same time.  Plugs into the aux socket, works a treat for Spotify and the BBC iPlayer.


HTC Car StereoClip CAR A100/Bluetooth Audio Streamer


It uses the a2dp profile for decent bluetooth audio quality (I think that's a requirement for bluetooth streaming with the Desire HD).

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