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Streaming Issues

Streaming Issues






 Samsung Galaxy 9+ Laptop

Operating System

 Android Oreo, Windows 10


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For weeks now on and off I have been having issues with Spotify and its streaming services. I notice it mostly when using a bluetooth connected device, however the issue isn't exclusive or limited to bluetooth, as it has issues when streaming directly on my phone or computer.  I will be playing a song and the music will stop for a few seconds then resume, it will stop for several seconds and restart the song, or it will stop all together.  As a premium member, I pay for the ability to select whichever songs I wish, to set up my music without having to worry. What makes it worse is that I cannot use my bluetooth devices or my lock screen to control my music.


I have tried all the troubleshooting steps as well and have researched online only to learn several other people are experiencing the same or similar issues. I have been a loyal user of Spitify for many years now and expect this issue to have been resovled by now.





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