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Streaming playlist - does not continue to next track

Streaming playlist - does not continue to next track



I've had this problem for a few months now.  After reviewing the boards, it looks like others have had a similar problem.


When streaming a playlist, the stream will stop playing after the first song is finished.  The next song will not play even if I click on it (pause, unpause).  If I click on any other song, it will play.  But when that current song finishes, the same thing will happen: the next song in the queue will not play.


My settings:

LG Optimus S

Spotify version

Premium account

I am streaming (and connection is fine when the problem happens)

3G Sprint Network

Happens when both plugged and not plugged into car charger

Streaming quality is Normal

Gapless is On

Crossfade is Off


Thanks for your help!

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