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Streaming quality of playlists

Streaming quality of playlists

Hi everyone 🙂
Got this question:
I know that you can turn on/off offline mode in Spotify's "settings". But you can also do that in every single playlist.
If it's turned off in settings but on in playlist, will it always automatically use synced version or will it still stream if connected to wi-fi?

The reason I ask this question is due to settings of streaming and sync quality.

Kind regards
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Hi @mitnavnerbo,

As you said in your post, there's an offline mode in the Spotify Settings for Android. You also said that you can turn playlists into "make available offline". (If Premium!)


To your question:

- If Offline Mode is ON and you've downloaded your Playlists, your music will play in the quality you have set up for "Download" (visit the Settings Page in the App)

- If Offline Mode is OFF and you've downloaded your Playlists, your music will be streamed in the quality you have set up for "Streaming" (visit the Settings Page in the App)


Summing Up:

If you have a good internet connection and Offline Mode off, you will stream, weather you have downloaded the playlists or not.

(If you have a bad internet connection and Spotify can't stream in the quality you've set up for "Streaming", Spotify will only play your Offline stored files, in the set quality | Differences between Wifi and Cellular)


Stay Awesome!



Hi Q
Thanks for taking the time to answer 🙂

Don't really get Spotify's idea with that system.
I think it would be better and more logic if the playlists offline mode function only played from downloaded playlists when no wi-fi were available, so you didn't had to sync in the same quality as for streaming, and therefore wouldn't use space on the phone.

Just adding this

The idea with offline mode should be that it can be ON for playlists, so it immediatly will use synced tracks when hitting spots with out wifi or use of 3G/4G. There's no idea in first having to switch offline mode on, when the need occurs... Wifi is necessary to sync 🙂

Maybe you misunderstood me...
If you hit a spot where no wifi or cellular is available Spotify will
switch on your synced tracks with the quality you have set for this.
Syncing only over wifi to save your data volume on 3G/4G, but you can set
that also in the settings!



Thanks again... Think I've got it.

Hi again @mitnavnerbo,

I made a little research and noticed that I said something wrong on my first post in this thread! - Very Sorry for That! (A marked it like this: Example)


So to correct it, Offlined tracks will not use any data, even if you are in Online mode.



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